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My Dream Come True… A Library Video Game


During my education as a librarian I’ve been bemoaning the fact that there are no good video games on libraries. My dreams have been answered. The guys over at Joystiq have brought my attention to The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Library Arcade. The arcade has two games: I’ll Get It and Within Range. The former […]

Gaming in Libraries…


1 2 The other night in my LIS 768 class we played video games. This was probably one of the funnest classes that I’ve ever had. A number of people brought in various video game systems (PS2, XBox, Nintendo DS, PSP) and we hooked them up to the projectors and played. We had DDR (Dance […]

You Gotta Fight for Your Right to… Game?


1 Over at Joystiq there was a post about a Gamestop manager that was refusing to sell video games to kids that couldn’t prove they had good grades at school. (Original story here.) I’m not sure how I feel about this. A part of me is thinking that this guy really has no right to […]

“You want a piece of me boy?”


1 I love StarCraft. There are many reasons for my love of StarCraft but there are a few that stand above the others. Building your own army is fun. Whether it’s a platoon of cigar chomping grunts in powered armor or a legion of bioengineered, hive-mind alien beings, ordering up specific units to exploit specific […]

Ethics and Video Games…


I like video games. I like video games a lot. If I wasn’t married with kids and in grad school I would play them a lot more. My wife understands my love of video games and lets me play them. She will tell me when I’ve played enough and that it’s time to stop, and […]

Blizzard Entertainment Sells Digital Crack…


I love Blizzard games. Several months ago I purchased the StarCraft battlechest, and the Diablo 2 battlechest. Both games are really excellent (I’ll post specifically about StarCraft later) and they both are complete time-suck games. When I play them, hours of my time just disappear. Afterward I feel like I’ve been abducted by aliens, but […]

Blog Post #3 Gaming in the Library…


I saw that Jenny over at The Shifted Librarian is going to be writing an article about gaming/second life in the Library Technology Reports. I’ve been thinking about gaming in the library and although I think there might need to be some restrictions I also think “why not?” Why not let kids get together and […]