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I like I probably don’t use it the way it’s supposed to be used. I tend to use it like a web scrapbook. I put things there that I want to remember for later or things that I don’t have time to read but plan to get back to. It works pretty well for […]

Did You Know… Shift Happens


My colleague sent this to me. I never saw the first version. Great food for thought.

The iPod and iPhone in Libraries


In our discussion last week on the effect of the iPod and iPhone in libraries we made several conclusions. First, we expanded on the iPod to include MP3 players (or digital content player). We also felt that the iPhone was still too new to have a serious impact on libraries (at least any more of […]

From Pickles to Airplanes… WikiRacing.


1 After school let out today I was plugging away at some reading I have to do for my class when I noticed that the students in the lab were eerily quiet. When kids get quiet I tend to get paranoid and think they are up to something so I wandered into the room to […]

Web 2.0 and Bibliographic Control…


Tags are great, I really like them. I’ve used tags myself and they tend to be really useful, but I’ve also found them confusing and unnecessarily complex. For example, if you glance to the image on your left you’ll see the tag cloud for my bookmarks. Look at the unbundled tags. If you look […]

What Are My Boundaries of Disclosure?


Over at Information Wants To Be Free Meredith has an interesting post up about The Boundaries of Disclosure. It stems from another blog post that gets a little personal. I’ve been thinking about what I will say and won’t say on this blog and I’ve decided that I’m going to treat it like a conversation. […]

New ILS at CPL in the Spring? (Spring of what year?)


Don’t be scared by the acronyms (ILS = Integrated Library Service). I’ve been reading the Chicago Public Library strategic plan lately and I was especially interested in this part (found on page 17, 2nd column about half way down). The Chicago Public Library will launch a completely redesigned website in conjunction with the 2006 introduction […]