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Librarians… Old AND Tired.


My wife and I were watching ER tonight when a commercial came on for Fresh 105.9. I had to laugh. Maybe the Sony Digital Reader is “sexier than a librarian” but at least Sony doesn’t imply that librarians are old and tired.1 OK. They never actually say the word librarian, but it is definitely implied. […]

I Love Paperback Sci-Fi


The other day I picked up Sun of Suns: Book One of Virga by Karl Schroeder. It’s good, really good. It’s sort of a Flash Gordon meets Victorian England/Steampunk in a no gravity bubble. This is really beside the point though. What I really wanted to talk about is my love of the Mass Market […]

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)


1 I’ve been interested in the Ubuntu Linux OS for awhile now but haven’t really had a chance to mess around with it nor do I have a computer to install it on. Reading about Ubuntu installations in libraries also piqued my interest. I did burn a live CD of 6.06 Power PC (for Mac […]

Gaming in Libraries…


1 2 The other night in my LIS 768 class we played video games. This was probably one of the funnest classes that I’ve ever had. A number of people brought in various video game systems (PS2, XBox, Nintendo DS, PSP) and we hooked them up to the projectors and played. We had DDR (Dance […]

Tekkon Kinkreet


1 The other night I sat down and watched Tekkon Kinkreet (a Japanese term for reinforced concretet). I used to watch a bit of anime but have recently slacked off because I just wasn’t finding a whole lot that I was interested in. Tekkon Kinkreet has to be one of the best Japanese animated movies […]

Children’s Program at Chicago Public Library


1 A couple of weeks ago I had to go observe a children’s program at a public library for one of my grad school classes. I originally wanted to go see a young adult program but because of time and travel restrictions I settled on going to the Harold Washington Library to watch a program […]

Telling It Like It Is… Sci-Fi and Alastair Reynolds


In general I find there are two types of space travel in sci-fi: There is the Star Trek kind of space travel where the captain says, “Make it so.” or “Engage.” (in a deep commanding voice) and the ship takes off at warp 9 or hyper-space or something like that and it arrives a couple […]