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Gaming in Libraries…


1 2 The other night in my LIS 768 class we played video games. This was probably one of the funnest classes that I’ve ever had. A number of people brought in various video game systems (PS2, XBox, Nintendo DS, PSP) and we hooked them up to the projectors and played. We had DDR (Dance […]

A Vision of Students Today…


A colleague of mine pointed me toward this youtube video. I was really fascinated with how they touched on so many topics and seemed to drive so many points home.

Free Software and Reusing Computers….


In the spirit of our lecture from last week I am writing a post about computer reuse and recycling. Computers are one of those resources that people seem to trash all to quickly. Some quick facts and figures. Only 11% of PCs are recycled; the percentage for televisions and mainframes recycled is lower.1 68 percent […]

IM Reference Interview.


I conducted my IM interview last week and found the library through the Library Success wiki – Libraries Using IM Reference page. It was about 6 at night so I decided to go West coast so they would have plenty of time. I picked Los Gatos Public Library which happened to be serendipitous because the […]

The Maricopa Metablog Post…


1 I was looking through the LIS 768 blogs the other day when I decided to count up how people felt about the whole Maricopa issue. This is a rough estimate and some people might argue the positives/indifferent/negative counts but these were the numbers that I came up with based on the tone of the […]

Rios the Librarian


This is an homage to The Librarian from Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld Novels. Seriously, I think being either a gorilla or an orangutan would rock. You’d basically have 4 hands, not to mention a 400 lb. gorilla can sit wherever he wants.

Virtual Communities…


Do you remember the GAP swing commercial? I do. Do you remember the swing dancing craze that followed? I do. That’s how I met my wife. I didn’t start swing dancing on purpose I just kind of stumbled into it. My roommate wanted to go and so she dragged me along and before I knew […]