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Category Archives: Library 2.0

Library as Place – Chicago Public Library


I hope CPL is listening.

I Have Senioritis…


I go to work every day and I work hard. I come home and I take care of my kids and help my wife with all the housework and stuff. After the kids are put to bed and the house is cleaned up I am supposed to do my work for my graduate class. I […]

Did You Know… Shift Happens


My colleague sent this to me. I never saw the first version. Great food for thought.

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)


1 I’ve been interested in the Ubuntu Linux OS for awhile now but haven’t really had a chance to mess around with it nor do I have a computer to install it on. Reading about Ubuntu installations in libraries also piqued my interest. I did burn a live CD of 6.06 Power PC (for Mac […]

Gaming in Libraries…


1 2 The other night in my LIS 768 class we played video games. This was probably one of the funnest classes that I’ve ever had. A number of people brought in various video game systems (PS2, XBox, Nintendo DS, PSP) and we hooked them up to the projectors and played. We had DDR (Dance […]

A Vision of Students Today…


A colleague of mine pointed me toward this youtube video. I was really fascinated with how they touched on so many topics and seemed to drive so many points home.

Free Software and Reusing Computers….


In the spirit of our lecture from last week I am writing a post about computer reuse and recycling. Computers are one of those resources that people seem to trash all to quickly. Some quick facts and figures. Only 11% of PCs are recycled; the percentage for televisions and mainframes recycled is lower.1 68 percent […]