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LIS 768 Course Reflection


All in all I was fairly satisfied with the LIS 768 class. The topics were engaging and my classmates were amicable. Michael Stephens is an exciting teacher and has a great way of communicating his ideas to the students. One thing that I found disappointing was that at the beginning of the class Michael mentioned […]

LIS 768 Paper Abstract – The Digital Native


My final research paper for my LIS 768 class was an examination of the Digital Native and a recommendation for libraries (school specifically but public also) on ways to attract and cater to the Digital Native. I focused on three aspects of the digital native: learning, communication/socializing, and producing/consuming media. From the learning perspective I […] Tagging Post


I like I probably don’t use it the way it’s supposed to be used. I tend to use it like a web scrapbook. I put things there that I want to remember for later or things that I don’t have time to read but plan to get back to. It works pretty well for […]

Wiki Presentation.


All in all I would have to say that I really enjoyed putting together the presentation on Wikis for LIS 768. I had good technological experiences with my group members and I felt it was some of the most successful online collaboration I had been involved with yet. We had 2 IM meetings in which […]

Library as Place – Chicago Public Library


I hope CPL is listening.

I Have Senioritis…


I go to work every day and I work hard. I come home and I take care of my kids and help my wife with all the housework and stuff. After the kids are put to bed and the house is cleaned up I am supposed to do my work for my graduate class. I […]

Did You Know… Shift Happens


My colleague sent this to me. I never saw the first version. Great food for thought.