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Category Archives: Chicago Public Library

Get into Chicago Museums for Free Thanks to Chicago Public Library


I’m constantly surprised by the fact that people don’t know about this, and it seems like A LOT of people don’t know about this. Chicago Public Library and Kraft foods have partnered together and created a program called The Great Kids Museum Passports. Each library has passports for almost every museum that will get you […]

CPL Library Card Records are Accessible by Library Elf!


I know this has been around for awhile but I just recently found out about it. (CPL you should take advantage of this and advertise it so that people know it’s there for them to use, be sure to include a warning about privacy!) Library Elf allows you to create an account that links to […]

Audio Book Downloads at CPL


I recently saw this article up at the Wired blog. It’s funny that this came out the same week that I put up my very first blog post (other than the introduction). It was because of this very reason that I started this blog. I was doing some research a couple of months ago for […]