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Category Archives: Chicago Public Library

Still More CPL Web Site Goodness…


Yet even more CPL web site goodness. Suggestion Box – Ask them to buy a book that you would like to read but they don’t have. Nearby Schools – For each branch library the web site lists the nearby schools. Events & Programs – What a vast improvement to the events page. On the old […]

More CPL Website Goodness…


I’m such a library geek. I’ve been exploring the new CPL site and I’ve found more goodness locked away. While browsing the catalog I’ve found that some books have: reviews, summaries, excerpts and character information included in the catalog record (as well as being able to see the MARC record). All of this content seems […]

It Took Them Long Enough…


It took them long enough. I’ve been lamenting the state of CPL’s online presence for ages and they’ve finally updated and joined us in the 21st century. So far I’m REALLY liking their new site. Its got a nice look to it and I’m finding it fairly easy to navigate around. The catalog is a […]

Library as Place – Chicago Public Library


I hope CPL is listening.

Children’s Program at Chicago Public Library


1 A couple of weeks ago I had to go observe a children’s program at a public library for one of my grad school classes. I originally wanted to go see a young adult program but because of time and travel restrictions I settled on going to the Harold Washington Library to watch a program […]

New ILS at CPL in the Spring? (Spring of what year?)


Don’t be scared by the acronyms (ILS = Integrated Library Service). I’ve been reading the Chicago Public Library strategic plan lately and I was especially interested in this part (found on page 17, 2nd column about half way down). The Chicago Public Library will launch a completely redesigned website in conjunction with the 2006 introduction […]

More on the Great Kids Museum Passports…


A reader left a comment about the Great Kids Museum Passports. Her local branch has a sign that lists all the museum passes and which ones are available and which ones are out. I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I have had to ask the librarians which passes were in and […]