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Category Archives: Cataloging

More CPL Website Goodness…


I’m such a library geek. I’ve been exploring the new CPL site and I’ve found more goodness locked away. While browsing the catalog I’ve found that some books have: reviews, summaries, excerpts and character information included in the catalog record (as well as being able to see the MARC record). All of this content seems […]

My Dream Come True… A Library Video Game


During my education as a librarian I’ve been bemoaning the fact that there are no good video games on libraries. My dreams have been answered. The guys over at Joystiq have brought my attention to The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Library Arcade. The arcade has two games: I’ll Get It and Within Range. The former […]

The Maricopa Metablog Post…


1 I was looking through the LIS 768 blogs the other day when I decided to count up how people felt about the whole Maricopa issue. This is a rough estimate and some people might argue the positives/indifferent/negative counts but these were the numbers that I came up with based on the tone of the […]