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Category Archives: Digital Native

LIS 768 Paper Abstract – The Digital Native


My final research paper for my LIS 768 class was an examination of the Digital Native and a recommendation for libraries (school specifically but public also) on ways to attract and cater to the Digital Native. I focused on three aspects of the digital native: learning, communication/socializing, and producing/consuming media. From the learning perspective I […]

Did You Know… Shift Happens


My colleague sent this to me. I never saw the first version. Great food for thought.

A Vision of Students Today…


A colleague of mine pointed me toward this youtube video. I was really fascinated with how they touched on so many topics and seemed to drive so many points home.

The Digital Native…


I’ve had conversations with people about the digital native. I’ve used the term myself many times, but have we ever thought about what it REALLY means to be a digital native? This term drives me a little crazy because I think people have the wrong idea about what it means. I am not a digital […]

Blog Post #2 Second Life Review…


So the other day I decided to try out Second Life (SL), here is the Wikipedia article. It was a mostly good, interesting experience although there were some graphics issues that spoiled it a bit for me. I’ll review SL in this blog post and then give a few ideas for how it could be […]