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More CPL Website Goodness…

Sun of Sun Catalog Entry I’m such a library geek. I’ve been exploring the new CPL site and I’ve found more goodness locked away. While browsing the catalog I’ve found that some books have: reviews, summaries, excerpts and character information included in the catalog record (as well as being able to see the MARC record). All of this content seems to be brought to us from TLC (The Library Corporation) and Syndetic Solutions. The reviews include Booklist, School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly among others. The summary and excerpts are nice also (the excerpt was the entire 1st chapter for the books I checked, Sun of Suns and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Let’s see if the catalog urls are persistant.) but I really would like to point to the character information. The character information contains much more than that, it also includes: annotations, awards, genres, topics, setting, time period and series. There’s a lot of information there. Right now I’m so happy I could cry. CPL has met and exceeded my expectations. I have some frustrations with CPL but they just made a huge deposite in my good will bank.

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