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It Took Them Long Enough…

cpl.jpgIt took them long enough. I’ve been lamenting the state of CPL’s online presence for ages and they’ve finally updated and joined us in the 21st century. So far I’m REALLY liking their new site. Its got a nice look to it and I’m finding it fairly easy to navigate around. The catalog is a HUGE improvement over what they had before and you can even place holds on books (not to mention renewing books). I’m so happy to see CPL finally updating their site. They even have a blog! The one thing I have to gripe about is that there are no RSS feeds anywhere on the site that I can find. No RSS for the blog, new books, movies, etc…. That would have been the icing on the cake for me. They do have email notifications for new genre books (it says coming soon) so that’s at least something.

P.S. I’m blind. Right on the front page there is a box highlighting the CPL blog Beyond Words, and right next to that is a big fat RSS icon. I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I first took a look at the site (I don’t wear glasses) so that’s how I missed it. I’m going to subscribe right now.

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