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LIS 768 Paper Abstract – The Digital Native

My final research paper for my LIS 768 class was an examination of the Digital Native and a recommendation for libraries (school specifically but public also) on ways to attract and cater to the Digital Native. I focused on three aspects of the digital native: learning, communication/socializing, and producing/consuming media. From the learning perspective I examined how the digital native approached the assimilation and synthesizing of information. From the communication/socializing aspect I examined how the Digital Native used new technologies and services to gather and collaborate with others. I also looked at some of the negatives of social networks (and how some of the dangers may be a bit overblown). Finally, from the producing/consuming media aspect I defines how the Digital Native used new technology to view media and how they seek out media rather than passively waiting for it to come to them (and how they share it).

To wrap it all up I made some suggestions for the school media specialist on how they might make their library friendlier to the new ways the the Digital Native learns and communicates.

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