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LIS 768 Course Reflection

All in all I was fairly satisfied with the LIS 768 class. The topics were engaging and my classmates were amicable. Michael Stephens is an exciting teacher and has a great way of communicating his ideas to the students. One thing that I found disappointing was that at the beginning of the class Michael mentioned another similar class (in Arizona I think) that might join us in some of our projects. This never came to pass and I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to really test some of these technologies over a distance. I was looking forward to having a larger group of people to collaborate with, it’s too bad we could never do this.

Out of 10 stars I would give this class a 8.5.

On a side note… one thing I found annoying is the Meebo widget on the LIS 768 blog. As far as I can tell Michael Stephens was never available to chat, so why include a chat widget that will never be used?

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