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delicious.jpgI like I probably don’t use it the way it’s supposed to be used. I tend to use it like a web scrapbook. I put things there that I want to remember for later or things that I don’t have time to read but plan to get back to. It works pretty well for me and I tend to keep it pretty tidy, getting rid of stuff a month or two after I saved it. I’ll probably get rid of all the LIS768 tagged stuff once my class is completely over. There are a couple of things that I think needs to do to improve their over all service.

  • Build in some kind of bibliographic control for tags. I’ve posted about this once before, there needs to be some kind of standard for tagging. Something like, no plurals, correcting spelling, etc…
  • They need to build in support for multi-word tags. It drives me crazy that everything has to be a single mass rather than two or more terms (i.e. “web 2.0”, “graphic novel”, “science fiction”, etc…). Other web 2.0 apps can do it, how come can’t?
  • Design. I like the simple basic design of but they need to do just a little bit more… Nothing fancy, but how about alternating shades of gray for each link so that it’s easier to differentiate between different links.

All in all is a pretty useful tool. Supposedly there is going to be a redesign next year, but we’ll see about that…

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