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Wiki Presentation.

All in all I would have to say that I really enjoyed putting together the presentation on Wikis for LIS 768. I had good technological experiences with my group members and I felt it was some of the most successful online collaboration I had been involved with yet. We had 2 IM meetings in which we discussed what content we would include, what project we would build using a wiki and who would present what during the presentation. I also found our use of Google Docs interesting. This was the first time I had used the presentation  application so there was a bit of a learning curve. Although Google Presentation is simplistic (no fancy bells and whistles) I did find it fairly easy to use and responsive. I wish we had more of a chance to play with the online live presentation chat but it was  still nice to use. The one drawback to this project was out use of PBWiki. I found PBWiki clunky, unresponsive, ugly and unintuitive. Help documents were seemed really hard to find and WYSIWYG didn’t seem to work very well at all. I found myself reverting to the original PBWiki code which is simplistic but got the job done and also kept the formatting uniform. I looked at the commercial features of PBWiki and really thought they were lacking. The company that I host from charges just as much as PBWiki but offers a whole lot more as far as server space is concerned and one click installs of various free software. I do have to do more of my own work to get a wiki up and running on my host, but there are an infinite number of configurations and options available (as well as Mediawiki is solid software with no, or very little clunkiness). I would not recommend PBWiki for a wiki project.

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