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Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

Ubuntu Desktop1 I’ve been interested in the Ubuntu Linux OS for awhile now but haven’t really had a chance to mess around with it nor do I have a computer to install it on. Reading about Ubuntu installations in libraries also piqued my interest. I did burn a live CD of 6.06 Power PC (for Mac hardware) and booted up my iBook on it. It worked nicely but unfortunately the OS didn’t find the wireless card. Just a couple of weeks ago Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was released so I downloaded it, burned a live CD and booted it up on a friends Windows laptop. Everything went smoothly and the Wireless was activated and I was able to connect to the internet. I was really impressed. Everything worked, and this wasn’t even on a full blown installation, just a live CD. I’d like to get an old laptop or desktop and load it up with Ubuntu to play around with. As an alternative OS to Mac OS X and Windows, it really seems to be some serious competition (maybe not in numbers but in functionality). It would be nice to see this OS in public (libraries and schools), I’ve heard stories of Ubuntu being used in public institutions but have yet to see it with my own eyes.

  1. Image of Ubuntu Desktop taken from the Ubuntu Desktop Home Edition Page []

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