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New ILS at CPL in the Spring? (Spring of what year?)

Chicago Public Library WebsiteDon’t be scared by the acronyms (ILS = Integrated Library Service). I’ve been reading the Chicago Public Library strategic plan lately and I was especially interested in this part (found on page 17, 2nd column about half way down).

The Chicago Public Library will launch a completely redesigned website in conjunction with the 2006 introduction of our new Integrated Library System. We envision that will be our “virtual branch library” for accessing the rich and varied resources available online through CPL….
The redesigned website will offer an improved online catalog of the Library’s collections (including a children’s catalog), enhanced patron services, general information about the Library, programs and events, increased digital journals and collections, reference assistance and links to additional Internet resources.

I can’t wait. The current CPL site drives me crazy. The site feels like 1995. I emailed CPL asking about the new ILS and this is the response that I received.

The vendor working on our new ILS is TLC (The Library Corporation).

Both the ILS and our newly designed website will debut this spring.

The current ILS was designed by CARL and was implemented in 1995. (I knew it)

Our new ILS will offer library users more convenience and will include online patron-placed holds, online renewal and telephone renewal.

Additionally, patrons will have more options when searching the CPL catalog. The Chicago Public Library has spent a great deal of time researching patron’s needs and the features that will be provided are in response to what our users tell us they want. The result will be a robust, dynamic system.

Thank you for your interest.

Greta Bever
Assistant Commissioner

I received the email in mid February of this year. Spring has come and gone. I hope we see the new site soon.

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