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Blog Post #3 Gaming in the Library…

I saw that Jenny over at The Shifted Librarian is going to be writing an article about gaming/second life in the Library Technology Reports. I’ve been thinking about gaming in the library and although I think there might need to be some restrictions I also think “why not?” Why not let kids get together and play Halo or Half Life? One of the things that the kids at my work talked about was holding “LAN Parties.” This is where they get together, hook their computers together and play each other in all sorts of online games, one of the most popular being StarCraft. It would be nice if kids could reserve a space at the libary and they show up, and either the kids bring their own machines (probably a laptop) and the library provides the networking equipment and possibly software for the kids to play together. They could have StarCraft tournaments or better yet or Dance Dance Revolution nights (for the people worried about kids not getting enought exercise). If libraries did this I could see kids coming in droves to play.

I’m a gamer. I really enjoy video games and occasionally I will get online to play other people. If my local public library were to offer something like this, I would probably go.


  1. Krsitin The Defenestrator

    I used to play half life…a lot…but, I was horrible at it…anyway…If we allow gaming in the library, will there be age restrictions on some of the games? Will the library have to enforce those restrictions? What about time restrictions on computers? Will a library have computers set aside for gaming purposes only? Also, which games will be allowed? Only those that stress learning? I don’t mean to be such a humbug, cuz I would love to game in the library. I think that would be great.

    Posted on 06-Nov-06 at 9:25 am | Permalink
  2. Christopher

    Actually I was thinking that gaming would be more for specified times/events. That would be for the big networked/hardware games like Halo, Starcraft, DDR, etc… When I go into my local CPL branch I do see kids in there all the time playing web games on the computers, but I was thinking that there could be special events specifically for gaming. Could you justifly computers ONLY for gaming in a library? I have a feeling that many people wouldn’t be to happy about that. I don’t know how my CPL branch handles kids playing on the computers, I think that they apply the same rules (sign up for a limited amount of time) as everybody else.

    Posted on 08-Nov-06 at 10:07 am | Permalink
  3. Krsitin The Defenestrator

    That would be awesome. I think a gamer night would definitely bring in a crowd and it would be fun. Maybe once a week or once a month.
    But, would we still have to have age restrictions? If there were restrictions on the game, would we need parental consent? Also, if the kid is under 10, would we need the parent to be present?

    Posted on 02-Dec-06 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

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