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Trent Reznor is My Hero…


Nine Inch Nails Not really but I have been a Nine Inch Nails fan since high school (years and years ago). I always enjoyed their/(Trent’s) music but now I enjoy Nine Inch Nails on an entirely new level. Trent Reznor has released the new album Ghosts I-IV under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license which means that I could post the entire album here for download and it would be completely legal for me to do so. I’m not going to do that because I would like NIN to get paid for their creation and I figure $5 for an hour and 40 minutes of music isn’t asking too much. Go to the site now and download 9 tracks for free, or pay the 5 bucks and get all 36 plus a 40 page pdf of accompanying artwork. I salute Trent for the risk he is taking.

Still More CPL Web Site Goodness…


Yet even more CPL web site goodness.

  • Suggestion Box – Ask them to buy a book that you would like to read but they don’t have.
  • Nearby Schools – For each branch library the web site lists the nearby schools.
  • Events & Programs – What a vast improvement to the events page. On the old site it seemed near impossible to figure out what was going on. Now it’s easy to browse all the events going on at the different branches.
  • Random Great Stuff – Recommendations, popular searches, recent arrivals, NYT bestsellers

It just keeps getting better and better.

More CPL Website Goodness…


Sun of Sun Catalog Entry I’m such a library geek. I’ve been exploring the new CPL site and I’ve found more goodness locked away. While browsing the catalog I’ve found that some books have: reviews, summaries, excerpts and character information included in the catalog record (as well as being able to see the MARC record). All of this content seems to be brought to us from TLC (The Library Corporation) and Syndetic Solutions. The reviews include Booklist, School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly among others. The summary and excerpts are nice also (the excerpt was the entire 1st chapter for the books I checked, Sun of Suns and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Let’s see if the catalog urls are persistant.) but I really would like to point to the character information. The character information contains much more than that, it also includes: annotations, awards, genres, topics, setting, time period and series. There’s a lot of information there. Right now I’m so happy I could cry. CPL has met and exceeded my expectations. I have some frustrations with CPL but they just made a huge deposite in my good will bank.

It Took Them Long Enough…


cpl.jpgIt took them long enough. I’ve been lamenting the state of CPL’s online presence for ages and they’ve finally updated and joined us in the 21st century. So far I’m REALLY liking their new site. Its got a nice look to it and I’m finding it fairly easy to navigate around. The catalog is a HUGE improvement over what they had before and you can even place holds on books (not to mention renewing books). I’m so happy to see CPL finally updating their site. They even have a blog! The one thing I have to gripe about is that there are no RSS feeds anywhere on the site that I can find. No RSS for the blog, new books, movies, etc…. That would have been the icing on the cake for me. They do have email notifications for new genre books (it says coming soon) so that’s at least something.

P.S. I’m blind. Right on the front page there is a box highlighting the CPL blog Beyond Words, and right next to that is a big fat RSS icon. I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I first took a look at the site (I don’t wear glasses) so that’s how I missed it. I’m going to subscribe right now.

My Dream Come True… A Library Video Game


During my education as a librarian I’ve been bemoaning the fact that there are no good video games on libraries. My dreams have been answered. The guys over at Joystiq have brought my attention to The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Library Arcade. The arcade has two games: I’ll Get It and Within Range. The former is a game on answering reference questions and the latter is all about shelving book using the LOC Classification system. If only I had the shelving game when I was taking cataloging. I might have done better than a B.

General view of one of the classification yards of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, Chicago, Ill. (LOC)


General view of one of the classification yards of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, Chicago, Ill. (LOC)1 It seems that the Library of Congress is uploading photos to flickr. These are photos from the LOC Prints & Photographs Division. The photos have no known copyright and are downloadable at decent sizes (1024 x 768). There is some great stuff here for historical projects. So far they have about 3000 photos up (out of 14 million, that’s about 2%) and are supposed to be adding more. You can add descriptions, tags and notes to the pictures. The loc is crowdsourcing the photos to ease documentation. It’s a grand experiment.

  1. General view of one of the classification yards of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, Chicago, Ill. (LOC) Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress []

Librarians… Old AND Tired.


My wife and I were watching ER tonight when a commercial came on for Fresh 105.9. I had to laugh. Maybe the Sony Digital Reader is “sexier than a librarian” but at least Sony doesn’t imply that librarians are old and tired.1

  1. OK. They never actually say the word librarian, but it is definitely implied. []